Why Zombie Prepared?

I get asked this all the time. Why the name ZombiePrepared.com?

Well, to me, it’s pretty simple. If you can prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse, you can prepare yourself for any disaster. The SAFE Principles (Security, Access, Food, Energy) apply to preparedness for hurricanes, tsunamis, civil unrest, tornadoes, social collapse, zombie hoards, pandemic, etc. Once you have prepared for whatever mother nature and society can throw at you, you can apply these principles to most anything.

Who am I?

I’m Denis. I live in Florida, United States. I’m a prepper. I have a family I protect, a love for offroad, an intense passion for firearms and I spend every day thinking about what happens if there is no tomorrow in the way we all have come to understand it. It’s this drive that pushes me to work on this site, to train others, to continue my own training and to share my information and insights as I have them.

What formal training do you have?

When it comes to formal firearms training, I am self taught. I grew up around hunters and target shooters, but I’ve never been in the military, in law enforcement or similar. I have an incredible respect for those who do this for a living, but I’ve always focused more on the mechanics and engineering side of firearms, along with the historical significance. As for what training I have as an offroader, I have logged thousands of trail, rock and mud miles over the years in a variety of vehicles. Much of the work done on my current Jeep has been done myself, including some of the welding/fabrication. For me, my Jeep is an extensions of my drive to get out there and get lost, away from the hustle and stir crazy nature of society and city living.